9098 – monday

Fuzzy look at the Christmas Tree through my weakening cell phone.


Back to work: Today was a solid one; Lots of SQL, NF2.0/CMS and general purpose schuff on the brain. Only 4 more days until Christmas Break!

Rule of the day – The hardest part about solving a problem is defining it. Once everyone is on the same page, things go much more smoothly.

Kellie-bellie got a puggle… Spencer. Too cute!

Board game gifts for geeks, eh? What, no pyramid games?

Got Hey, That’s my Fish! from Danny, and I’ve been playing Pente-Go with BHK for an age.

Robo Rally has been on my list for ages. Never got around to getting it. (RAMbots seems similar though, and playable right now.)

Battle Lore – looks cool, but $70 seems spendy.

I suspect Fiji will appeal to BHK.

RA, Wits & Wagers, Settlers of Catan, Coloretto, Puerto Rico – 3+ players. hm. I prefer the option for 2 players, if possible. We may meet a few more boardgamers sometime, but we’ve already got witch trial and munchkin diriviatives for that.

BHK found some ed emberly books at the used bookstore (didn’t buy ’em, as they were *very* used)… serious flashbacks there.

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine. That’s a pretty interesting disorder… That and Latah. I wonder how much research has gone into it in order to reprodce the results?

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