9089 – Saturday –

We woke up fairly early, but not so much that we left on time for the Friendship Trees spot for a Tannenbaum.

The in-laws caught up with us about an hour and a half after we were slotted to leave… some mist made me wonder if we would make it outside before rains came.

In-laws saw the tree they wanted before they even left the car. BHK and I spent a solid span of time roaming the lot looking for just the right one… the gigantic 15-18 footers caught BHK’s eye, but sadly, they wouldn’t fit in the house if we had opted to take ’em home. I thought it’d be cool to plant a live tree outside, but indoors is where the presents and the train will be, so the tree must surely follow. I was having some back trouble, and the uneven ground got me pretty solidly… end result was that we left those grounds without any tree to show for it. Instead, we went by the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department, and spotted one that looked just fine…. it fits just perfectly in the house and is nicely symmetrical and full.

Added bonus, we met a guy named Cheeto (Was a contender for Newton’s name, but not seriously), who shook the tree for us…. and a friendly Freemason by the name of Bobby, who delivered it to our porch.

There was much rejoicing.

We picked up the in-laws who had split from us to go decorate the blue house, and we all flitted over to Deale to snag a bite of lunch (I had grilled veggies on a baguette with a side o’fries, plus diet coke with a splash of cherry soda from the fountain)

After the nosh, a quick stop to visit good deale bluegrass, to peek at a sweet double bass. I wouldn’t much mind playing one, if I had the time to learn it. One thing at a time… bass guitar first.

We started to approach midday, so we headed back to set up our tree… she looks good! Pictures to follow, I’m sure.

After we got the basics in place, we all bounded over to the in-laws, and repeated the process there…. by the time we got to a stopping point, it was already 9ish at night, so it was feeding time again – Subway, this go ’round.

BHK was pooped and slept on the recliner while Larry, Chris and I hung out. We primarily talked trains, photography and printing technology; I fear that we may have bored poor Chris to death. I learned a few things, and got to see some pictures of BHK from when she was maybe five or 6 years old… still cute as a button. Those pictures may also be soon to follow.

Back is a bit better, but still needs work. MRI appointment is forthcoming.

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