9086 – Snow!

It’s a-snowin’ today! Not sure why images are currently unavailable, but clickthroughs should work fine.


It started about 6am, and continued throughout the day.

View from the office, about midday

View at the ground view of the circle, around dusk.


Pretty nifty stuff… flickr now has a halfway decent photo editor built in! The freebies are all I really want, so it’s golden. (I suspect that I’ll use color fixing and cropping the most.)

Writer’s Strike has finally hit us in the recorder… looks like all of our shows are in repeats already. I guess Netflix will start earning its keep for a while!

I’ll be missing House and The Office the most – I suspect BHK is feeling it most from Ugly Betty.

BHK picked up Big Brain Academy and Elebits from the rental place… I really dig BBA… Elebits, not so much. I’m glad that we get a chance to “try before you buy” on the Wii, as Elebits might’ve gotten snapped up due to the very cutesy aspect of the game.

I suspect that BBA will be purchased sometime soon… I like the little brain-stretching minigames.

So far my strengths and weaknesses are:

  • Identify (Visual-themed questions) – ok
  • Memorize (Memory-themed questions) – worst
  • Analyze (Reason-based questions) – ok
  • Compute (Math-themed questions) – ok
  • Visualize (Logic-themed questions) best

Which seems to follow with my other games of a similar ilk for the psp.

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