9101 – Thursday

Tannenbaum cam is up… depending where there’s movement, either an image will post from the Living room (under the tree, by the train) or the Office (By the couch)

Image of the moment.

Pardon the tree-cam’s quality… it’s the original newtcam, over a decade old and well worn from being dropped, whacked around, and otherwise abused.

Some cool-looking movies headed our way next year. Give me indiana jones 4, and don’t make it stink!

I’m disappointed that someone stole my magnetized brain idea, and put it in a Jack Black vehicle… but it looks cute. Plus, Wall-E looks like a lot of fun.

A kindly stranger has pointed me in the direction of Doug Wu, via friendster! I look forward to hearing from him. I’d like for him to meet BHK.

Some Tentacled decor that I’d love to get Eryx or any Cthuloid / ‘pod fan for Xmas.

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9100 – wed

9100 – wed

9100 – wednesday

9100 – wednesday

9100 – wednesday

9100 – wednesday