9097 – sun

Snow… where is my precious snow? None fell today… just wet ol’ rain.

I don’t mind… I like gray days just fine. All sunshine makes a desert, right?

Bulk of the day was spent doing holiday decorations and prep for my Mother and Wilton coming up for the holidays. I like that tree is all gussied up and has the train underneath. Officially Yuletide now.

Larry and Chris came over and we all slurped some veggie soup. BHK also made a Cheese ball and Chef Boyardee Pizza that was really quite good. The in-laws bugged out early, but we got a little Adam visit for an hour before bedtime. He found the pickle on the Christmas tree in about 3 minutes. I suspect Bugah will find it more rapidly.

The robot is now packing the moniker “Pickle”, at least as a nickname.

We played Wii for a bit – Mario brothers is older than Adam… and he’s going to College. That’s sort of frightening.

Christmas lights, Pye in a Wreath, Newt and the train, Pretzel Walruses, our two favorite new ornaments… robot and ship in a bottle.

Tannenbaum Express-cam will be set up online shortly… probably by midweek.

Ship in a Christmas Ball.Family Ornaments.Allison and Scotto Ornaments.Popcorn .

Glass Robot.Robot and Ship in a Bottle.Our Stockings.Our Tree 2007

Christmas Tree 2007.Newt wary of the Christmas Train.Newt eyes the Caboose.Ship in a Christmas Ball Ornament.

Pye and Newt help decorate.Pye and the Garland.Goin' for the Garland.Scott the Pretzel walrus

Allison the Pretzel Walrus.Pye in the middle of the Wreath.Pye with Antlers.Leafy Boy.

Wreath Butt

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9093 – Wednesday

9093 – Wednesday