9014 – Friday

Happy 8th Birthday, Newt! Feel free to peek in on him and say howdy!

He’s really helped to make it an amazing near-decade. Now he’s got a little brother and a mamma to help!

more newt lounging
A zillion pics of him here. He’s come a long way from this !

Lore found this listing of sources for D&D… I remember when the books listed were in the back of the old DM guide. The detail makes a fun trivia read.

example –

A lychgate is an entrance to a churchyard where a body rests before burial–”lych” means person or dead body (From German “Leiche”, meaning “dead body, cadaver, corpse”). The D&D lich is very similar to a character from Taran Wanderer, by Lloyd Alexander, a magician with an unnaturally-extended life who can only die if the item he has stored his soul in is broken (in this case, a bone from his little finger); however, the term “lich” is never used in the book. The origin of both the D&D lich and Alexander’s character is probably the Russian folkloric character “Kotshchey the Deathless”, also an unnaturally long-lived magician (or demon) who was almost impossible to kill.

125 things about scottobear, continued –

047. Brent, Steve and I really liked to go to Passport pizza in front of the Boynton Beach mall – specialized in “regional-style” pies. German was sausage and kraut, with caraway seeds… Mexican was spicy beef, cheese and onions… first time I’d ever had a Hawaiian pizza – green pepper, pineapple and ham. I did a quick google search, and there’s still one in Boca raton… I wonder if it’s the same people?

048. The was an Ice Cream shop right next door to Congress Middle School – run by some really nice guys, and it was a good stopping off point to play a game of gold bug (a dig dug knockoff), or work on D&D characters while eating a rocky road scoop on a sugar cone.

049. first job with an actual paycheck was at a Taco Viva in the same Boynton Beach Mall, where I poured beer at age 16, and left latex gloves for food prep filled with el scorcho sauce in the freezer. Layout of the old Taco Viva and a Sample storefront. both are identical to the one I worked at.

050. While the mall was being built (1984 or so) – Steve, Brent, and I explored it constantly. A great spot to play laser tag. Imagine a whole set of mall-walls, sand and cover available to 15 year olds! layout is here, but you can’t see all the hidden back alleys and service points that made it wonderfully fun and probably quite dangerous to play in. I think the biggest game we had out there was maybe 10 men to a side.

051. hates deadlines. yucko.

052. is very thankful for his life and family in the here and now.

053. is a terrible chess player, though he loves games (too busy being social to focus, I think)

Grumm the Screamer is a free downloadable papercraft robot from Matthijs Kamstra – and you can get him decorated or blank. The download is Creative Commons licensed, and Kamstra wants photos of your own coloring jobs. Link (via Paper Forest)

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Friday 5 –

1. What’s your favorite cereal?

Variable… I’m digging Cinnamon Life right now, though.

2. What is too gross to eat in the morning?

Well… human eyeballs are too gross to eat at anytime… but first thing in the morning is pretty ok… I could eat a boca burger and a beer if I was hungry enough. I don’t really have a set time for certain foods.

3. What time do you go to bed?

Usually about 11pm

4. Where do you put your keys?

Front left pocket, or on a neck lanyard.

5. What vegetables do you love?

I like the starchy-yummy ones, like potatoes, sweet peas, and corn. Also dig broccoli, green beans and spinach more than a bit.

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