8936 – Friday – Friendship Amnesty Day


The idea is to post a public post on Friday with the words “Friendship Amnesty Day” in the title. The reasoning behind it is that we’ve all had friendships that either blew up, or faded away, and this is a chance, providing everyone is willing to participate, to leave the door open to clear the air and let go of the past.

It doesn’t mean adding everyone you ever knew back, but it does mean getting rid of any bad feelings / regrets, and spreading a little good cheer around the LJ ‘verse. The creator of the meme means livejournal, but I’m going to extend it across the borders of the Internet and beyond. There’s nothing wrong with the concept in any media.

So, with that in mind… peace. I don’t/didn’t have very many people like that in my life, but the door is open, and I’m doing a clean slate.

from Cropped to Crapped pants.
the font lent itself to the "rewrite"
spotted by BHK at target last night.

BHK went shopping yesterday, and got all kinds of spiffy loot! Orange Iced Tea cups with Witches on ’em, a new casserole pan, some cute shoes, sweaters and a purse, all for a song. My cut were some yummy chocolate goodies – two bars: one made with blood oranges & cinnamon, the other with chili peppers & Hershey chocolate flavored gum. I think it’s time to go on a tour of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Downside of the gum, or upside if you’re as infantile as I can be at times… the brown bubble gum leads to all kinds of scatological humor.

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