8972 – Weds

Hm, Discovered the DC Game Night lj community (also Chez_turtle) . Possibly a go for Sunday side of our walkabout weekend? (since we have Monday off.) – Then again, there’s always TCEP14. There’s a schedule online now, too. I suspect that I’d prefer the informal local game night to a con, but who knows? I figure that I’d prefer a more casual setting with an informal group.

Anyone that developed vegan Cupcakes of Catan is ok in my book.

Of course, there’s the Rennfest, too.

Good grief! So many possibilities.

Maybe I’ll work a bit on Guitar / Uke skills while BHK is off with TM whenever they decide to head out. I guess that there’s a tentative thought about them going to Delaware. What’s to do in Delaware?

Editing the icehousegames.org wiki and the lab rabbit wiki has introduced me to an interesting assortment of people… some seem very laid back, others aggressive to the point of being interpreted as hostile. There are some impatient and controlling types in every bunch… sometimes that’s what it takes to get things done, I suppose. Not my style, but I can see where it would be a winning tactic on a wiki. Both are pretty solid resources.

(I’ve even gone so far as to create a lj-feed of recent changes on the rabbit site so that I can track it on my lj, rather than having to log in and sniff around somewhere else. I’ve just now done the same to the icehousegames wiki too)

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8971 – tues

Extra-Random very rough draft entry. Read at own risk, dear journal.

Current health issues – getting corrected a little at a time

  • Allergies – need to get blood work done in top of October for shots
  • Teeth – Bridge for broken tooth, and 2 fillings. Floss, kids!
  • Back-leg ortho workup.

Monday night after our appointments, BHK, Chris, Larry and I all met at the Lebanese Taverna for Half-price Mondays… yum on the falafel!

I also got a new shirt for work at good ol’ Value City – White with blue pinstripes.

Tonight after work there was a big traffic slowdown…Suitland was a parking lot, and all of i-4 was shut by police and helicopters. A cursory search online mentioned no specifics, and the traffic radio was of little detail as well. I wonder what was up? Chris speculated terrorist stuff, but there was really no hint as to what it might be at all. I made it to Tina’s about 30 minutes later than usual. When I realized I wasn’t going to be there by 7:15, I called and they ate ahead of me.. I got there in time to watch the last half of Gilmore Girls – BHK and Tina set tentative plans for a girls trip sometime in the near future.

This weekend, BHK and I will be taking a little day trip somewhere… maybe West Virginia to see the mountains, maybe Outpost Games, possibly both on different days.

We still haven’t been back to the Compleat Strategist… I want to give ‘em a second chance, but it might be a while… too many other places to go and see.

Graffiti seen when we went to the movies last weekend –

Robot of love – says hate
(he cannot be fully erased!)
0826071340.jpg - hate robot
Boy says bait?
0826071342.jpg = Bait?

That rhymes!

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