8947 – Friday

Work is getting solid now – doing a lot of testing and validation of some programs going live. It’s fun – I’m getting a chance to flex some SQL muscle on queries that can range from simple to fairly complex.

After work, Chuck E Cheese with Em and BHK – We were there for a bit… had some pizza (not too bad, really!) played some skee-ball and other ticket-type redemption games. Scored 420 tickets, and made the obligatory reference to the prize-guy behind the counter… he laughed and happily doled out her loot… A Hello Kitty coin purse, some stickers, a little pink bracelet and a cinderella magnet. Not a bad haul for doing something that was fun anyway. BHK is pretty dang good at the ol’ Skee-Ball, while I’m a bit better at shooting hoops.

Hm, “Redemption Games” sounds like some sort of Tom Clancy book about a Chaplain in the Green Berets. File that for later tongue-in-cheekiness.

On our way home, we checked in with Tina’s Kitties – Keiki was happy to be a little love-muffin all over Em. Chai was affectionate, too, but not all up in her business (which is how Em likes her kitties.)

keiki keezes

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Current Song

Some cracked up 4-year-old version of this sung in a sing-song voice:

“I am slowly going crazy
One two three four five six, switch!
Crazy going slowly am I
Six five four three two one, switch!”

Instructions found on internet kids’ site read:
“Repeat it over and over and over until your head explodes, or somebody forces you to stop. ”

Um yep that’s about right!

I counter-attack by putting on a Scottish accent and calling her (my niece) PERRRRRR-Snickety. This makes her scream “I am NOT snickety!”

This is met with a formidable combo of: the Spongebob Squarepants theme song and chatter about various kitty cats she knows and whether they have claws and whether or not they are nice and whether or not they can jump high.

For the grand final I pretend I have gone deaf and make smacking noises on my lips. I am defeated by a tongue lololololol-ing and fingers in the ears.

My husband will be lucky to find either of us sane by the end of the day. I hope he’s ready to take us to Chuck-E-Cheese and spend ridiculous amounts of money for skee-ball games….oh and whatever games my niece wants to play.

Grumpy Gal (via Bones under my bed.)