BHK and I took a trip up to Annapolis for a viewing of shrek 3 – good stuff, it worked for me. still waiting to see pirates 3 and spidey three for the hat trick of trilogy sequels.

many pictures from walkabout on Sunday – Mostly otters, nature and etc. take a peek


Monday morning was spent running around hither and thither. Are thither and yon synonyms? I’ll peek and look it up later. Assorted places visited today were finance, fire / ems, purchasing, police dispatch, et cetera. Nothing major, but it does seem like everyone’s equipment is going at once. Warrantee time? End of the fiscal year? Either way, a lot of goodies are being distributed in the form of new mice, speakers and so on.

Met the new gal in help desk – her voice reminds me of Jerri Blank from strangers with candy. She seems nice.

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8850 – backdated and posted

BHK and I went down to Solomon’s Island to take a little break. We were going to cruise on the Wm. Smith, but it was already chartered for the day. Instead of lamenting our situation, we opted to do a little river-otter watching and some light nature walk behind the marine museum. The otters were extra-bonus cute and playful today; I suspect that they were really digging the warm weather, and that our arrival right at feeding time had something to do with it. They had a tasty meal of fish, carrot and boiled egg, which sounded pretty darn good, actually, so we toddled off to the Captain’s Table for a little nosh, ourselves. Later we hit Target for a few sundry supplies – another deck chair, some bug spray, etc… and then continued to Game Stop to gather up 2 new (used, $12 each) games – Taiko drumming for the PS2, and Lumines for the PSP – Almost got marvel heroes, too, but they were out of stock on the used ones. (Bhk pointed out that they should give a new one, since it was being portrayed as available on the shelf, but I didn’t want to push – I still have Katamari and Lumines to work my way through)

Far too many pictures of otters, and other stuff will be coming in the days a head, I imagine.

Once we got home, we got a pleasant surprise in a new cover for our grill, along with a nice full tank of propane. I expect to be doing some outdoor cookery in the very near future. Veggie Burgers, Kabob, and whatever meat-stuff the rest of the family might like.

Once the sun came down, we went inside and watched Trekkies – I think it was a little enlightening for BHK about fandom, and why I feel about it the way I do, for both good and ill. I think the highlight of the night was the season finale of ugly betty – lots of cliffhangers in true soap style.

Sneakily added by BHK

– Secret confession time:
My favorite thing to do by SCottO B. Ear: I love love love to watch a double feature of Joy Luck Club and Steel Magnolias (Although sometimes I swap Steel Magnolias for Fried Green tomatoes). I always need at least 2 boxes of tissues and a whole can of general foods coffee when I do my double feature. I just snuggle under my comforter wearing my comfiest jammies and my furry pink slippers and cry myself a good one. Then I feel much better.

Oh and another confession this morning I compared my wife to a chimp. I reality I’m the one that tends to fling poo—so i retract any comparison I may have made. I’m a naughty bad husband–but a pretty good simian!

Here are some pictures from today’s sunny morning –


I love the boys… They both have come a long way in making the transition to a family.

A new bionic woman, eh? I have my doubts. Rebuilt both legs, one arm, an ear, and an eye this time around. Plus a deaf daughter and Rudy-type doc as a love interest.

Random Ray Bradbury factoid: Bradbury, despite writing about spaceships and interplanetary travel and having lived in Los Angeles for most of his life, has never driven a car. He attributes this to having seen a gruesome car accident when he was young.

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8848 – Happy 7th!

Welp, it’s the 7th year of this thing, officially. I won’t have started regularly, uninterrupted daily posts until August 2000, but there you go.

Had lunch with in-laws, so they’ve gotten us two meals in a row after last night’s trip to mama lucias.

I was totally tired and fragged out for the first half of today – I took a desperately needed nap, and felt much better. Did some light housework (bhk did the bulk of the heavy lifting) – She’s out now taking care of TM’s kitties as I write this.

Heard from her cousin David – He and Gill are moving to Charlotte today. I wish ’em the best of luck, and hope to see more of them in the future – possibly over this summer? The’ve got to be closer than where they were in Salem.

Milk and Cheese figures are coming!

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8847 – friday

Follow-up meeting at IANA on Tuesday; I think it’ll go pretty darn well. Shortly, I’ll be going to meet the technologists both in and outside of the industry.

I’m looking forward to modifying my linked-in profile to include county work and possibly the guys above, too. I added a few more of them here and there, so we’ll see how that service goes.

I’ve already benefited from having my own domain name – one of the interviewers typo-ed the first half of my email address. Fortunately, the bit bucket catches any names on the dot-com account.

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8846 – Thursday


Today’s biggest project at work, before and after. I am now pooped.

argh  mess to clean up 0517071623.jpg

BHK made me tasty sugar free cherry sno-cone to share… she always makes me feel better.

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8845 – Wednesday

Wednesday started nice and sunny, but is now raining like a fiend.


IANA went well. I look forward to my follow-up interview in a week.

To celebrate such a lovely event, we picked up me & my katarmi (used, for $15), and a littl lunch at cheeburger cheeburger.

Afterwards, we went to BJ’s to get some supplies – see the difference between cheap food and better-funded adverts. Bobo-kitty brand cat food has eye-boogers. I’m amazed they put him on the can. Our boys don’t use either brand. I can just hear his road-hardened french-waterfront voice..”Ach, Oui, I haven’t felt right for weeks.”


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8844 – the ides of may

Ides of may. I miss my pop today – This is the anniversary of his death, but I’m not feeling as melancholy as I have in the past. It has been many years now since he passed away – 18 years, I think – just about half a lifetime ago.

Mom got a call from bro last night – he went before the judge and has 6 months at a work camp. He doesn’t know when he’ll be transferred, but he won’t have probation after that. I’m not sure if he’s getting off easy or hard.

Most of my challenges these days are physical or financial – those can bleed over into the mental, emotional and spiritual sides, but for the most part I’m doing quite well. I really like my new life here – I can understand why so many Florida expatriates have such little desire to return. There are some things that I miss, like the water taxi and a few of my more well-beaten paths around Broward & Dade, but they don’t hold a candle to the new stuff that I’ve been enjoying and looking forward to. Crime concerns are greatly diminished, not counting Baltimore or DC – and the people here have a small-town sort of feel. A lot of very polite and kind folks that are good about making me feel welcome can do wonders for any atmosphere, though the bay is beautiful in and of itself.

BHK and I are watching the dust slowly settle around the house – the blue house is pretty much empty save for a trunk and some light misc. I still have a few things in Florida storage, but aside from my bike, I don’t miss much of anything there. Most of what I miss about Florida is no longer in Florida . I miss gaming with Ray and Kat, but they’re in Texas , now. I miss goofing with Kev, but he’s in Gitmo. I miss hanging with Steve and Brent, but Brent died, and Steve is in Seattle . Doug is in Seattle , too. My Bro is pretty much lost to me.

Danny’s still in Florida , and I miss doing stuff with him. He should be heading out to us this summer during vacation.

BHK got me a Blueberry Vanilla Ice for after work – it was a welcome closure to the work day. Got a haircut in prep for tomorrow’s thing.

blueberry vanilla shaved icemild blueberry vanilla shaved ice

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8843 – Monday

I’m lauded because of my kind phone voice and general demeanor… some of the tech support folk seem to prefer the House, MD line of bedside manner. I don’t understand why some people lack the willingness to take two extra moments to play sympathetic ear to the distressed or just not feeding into the anxiety felt by others. That said, the TS here are some of the most patient and friendly I’ve ever met… I think they get most testy with problem children of the group.

Office rearrangement happening – a limited part timer has a cubby now, and I’m moving from the retired net admin to JM’s old seat… given that the new help-desker is going to plop down where I was.

There’s a liberating feeling doing the temp thing, though a lack of stability is a little jarring underneath. Wednesday, I’m checking out a gig IANA.

tiger blood shaved icedried blood! woohoo!I tried the Tiger’s Blood Shaved ice – sort of a strawberry coconut concoction. The flavor was not at all just “dumb old cherry”. When I mentioned BHK’s suspicions of such to the vendor, he exclaimed that old men took a bite, and did back flips while roaring exultations of it being the cherry of their youth. She got Sour Apple / Watermelon, which was tasty, but mine had more syrup.

No relation to this Dried blood for sale at the Hardware store. Would vampires like this?

We still haven’t watched happy feet. I’m contemplating making a copy and shooting it to netflix, just so we can get the next in our queue. I’m ready to start reading James Michener’s Chesapeake , too. It’s about 18 down on my current list after the pile of pulps and other pre-1950 lit both in paper and in electrons.

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