8820 – Misc Steve memories

Well, go figure! I post about Steve J, and he goes and finds my LJ. That makes 4 folks from high school reconnected! ( Clayton Griffin, Jim Goodmon, Steve Mancour and Steve Jacoby.)

It seems that SJ has been quite busy these last two decades or so. (I guess that’d follow!) He is now married, has a beautiful family, and has had broad assortment of careers. He still looks just the same – actually, probably a bit healthier than I remember. I imagine that chasing the little ones around helps a lot as a form of working out (in addition to martial arts training.) I was apparently way off on the Broward county search; He’s now on the opposite side of the continental USA in Seattle . When I got the reply to my last entry, I first thought it was from one of my LJ buddies having a prank on me. I was suspecting that perhaps Robert or some other Seattleite (Is that a word? Must be … spell-check seems to like it.) was pulling my leg. Not so – even though Steve Jacoby is a pretty common name on Google & Yahoo (The name of one of the victims from 9/11, not to mention countless others.) Beau Brumfield is less so – which led to his finding my LJ. Not sure how long he’d been reading it before yesterday when I mentioned that I’d like to hear from him – it’s been quite a while since he came up in online conversation.

Steve and I sort of lost touch after high school… he was focusing primarily on the Arts crowd and I’d slid into a more Technological Track. The last I’d heard, he had headed North to Tennessee (or perhaps Kentucky , as third hand information tends to degrade rapidly) when I was in college, and we never really kept up. He and I both gave up on Brent about the same time – Once BA started hanging out with Jaques and the LWC post-grad crowd, things degraded pretty rapidly. I sort of slid over to the James Dawsey / Robin Tunkel gaming crowd.

Random notes about Steve – both he and Brent were in my first car on the first day I was driving.

He had a VW that seemed to have one headlight perpetually out. My first experience with hearing an air-cooled engine. I can’t even guess at how many rides he gave me to places. I rode to school with Randy Leipzig (who later killed himself over a depression / girlfriend issue) and [whatshisname Justin, maybe? – curly haired guy w/ glasses.]

Horsing around the swimming pool at Lisa Gordon’s house (one of our first meetings with Lisa and Pam M), I went to push him into the water. And missed by about three feet. He got scraped up a bit, and I felt amazingly bad about it. Most likely I was especially guilty due to my being a show-off in front of Pam. Steve was a bit po’ed, but was a pretty dang good sport about it.

Pre-high school, when I went to Congress middle, he frequently helped me with my stuff onto the bus – a heavy book bag (1/3 school stuff, 2/3 reading materials not part of the curriculum D&D, generally) and a Tuba (or Baritone, depending on the day I was bringing stuff home)

Steve and I were both thugs in the LWC movie “The Arthurian Project”, and we made an assortment of goofy movies like “Raiders of the Lost Sock”. We both picked up on some very rudimentary stop motion techniques. I wonder if I still have that video tape in storage at the Deerfield Condo? Might be fun to digital transfer and post those.

All you can eat Po’ folks country fried steak night… Steve passed out and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I thought he was goofing at first.

Steve’s dad always had tastycakes on top of the fridge, and smoked.

Ken Krupowies lived not too far from Steve’s place.

Steve, Scott Clark and I playing impossible mission and eating pizza at Clark ’s place. Clark ’s mom had a gentleman caller, and we could hear them enjoying each other’s company through the wall. I made a little comment about it and Clark turned up the TV volume, and I was never invited back. Steve said it was because I left pizza under Clark ’s bed, but I really think it was my comment. When have I *ever* left pizza behind?

Of the old gang, Steve was the nice guy of the group, and I think probably the most physically durable.

We went on a few road trips here and there – Complete Strategist, other gaming stores, the Xanadu KFC, Kevin Cummin’s Father’s cabin

Steve’s silly recreation of Clayton Griffin’s Print shop obsession

“HE’S SO MAGIC!” – a la Flaming Carrot

Playing D&D with SJ, BA, LG, PM – pre-canned sessions of silly polyhedral stupidity, Arduin grimore dungeon crawl, with day-glo orange covers.

I need to flesh each of these out some more… so BHK knows what I’m talking about, at least.

Today at work, I had First Jolly rancher in about two decades – grape. Yum.

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2 thoughts on “8820 – Misc Steve memories”

  1. Wow, you find the weirdest things on the internet. 🙂

    Hi, Scott. I was looking for Steve when I tripped over your site. I would have bet that you wouldn’t remember me, but apparently there was one weird event that stood. I guess Freud could explain why I’ve blocked that memory out! But if you were never invited back, I’m sure it was more down to my serious lack of social skills than to anything you said. Hope you’re doing well.


    1. Hi Scott!

      Steve is moderately active on Facebook, if you’re still looking to find him.

      I’m glad that you bear me no ill will for the memory, or posting it so much later in life. I remember you fairly well – eagle scout, video gamer and so on. I’m pleased that you discovered my site. 🙂 Let me know if you want to gab some time!


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