8819 – Earth Day!

Biggest thing is that we have roto-tilled the garden… a fitting earth day event. LB, CB and BHK all are really pushing forward with it today. The weather is perfect for it… 79 degrees and sunny. A top day to be out in the green and dirt. House windows are open and those of us confined to quarters are doing ok, too.

So, What did the boys do for earth day? Lounge in the sun while I did my gig seek –


Heard from Steve Mancour yesterday – I guess he found my website vanity surfing. I wonder if Steve Jacoby will ever stumble over my LJ? Mancour was mentioned only twice – 1/14/2004 6403 , and 11/28/2005 7959

He seems to be quite the world traveler now – Germany, Panama, Spain and the UK. I’m glad things look to be going his way.

[edit – I may’ve found Steve J by way of Broward County Records Search. I’m glad that I remembered his middle name. ]

Mr. Rogers Breakdancing.

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