8808 – sat the 14th

Annapolis !

Had a nice little day out and about, BHK picked up the original SSX (snowboarding) for the PS2 and I got WTF (work time fun) for the PSP. WTF is a very appropriate abbreviation of the game, and I look forward to playing it for quite some time. Swung to Potbelly’s for some sammiches and enjoyed ‘em quite a little bit. The primary objective of our day was the B.I.G. book sale at the old tobacco warehouse – I think that I got more books than BHK this time around. We got there early (after going to bed at about 3am, post-Grindhouse) and the book dealers hadn’t attacked it too roughly yet. I scored a lot of good fill-in Bradbury stuff, and a smattering of Dashiell Hammett and about four of Ian Fleming’s 007 titles. Not found were any of the Harry Dresden books, but I did get the novelized version of the Buckaroo Bonsai movie. Lots of misc from a fundamental magic trick book to Wally Wood / Chas Addams collections of art to a nifty old tome on word origins, as well.

We also saw llamas, and a slug.


or, According to BHK – my journal in a nutshell:

I tell you my day….
I get up early.
I buy book.
Book by Martha Stewart.
She have red baboon butt.
No matter I like her books.
I try to read book but book have big words.
I no know what a hors d’oervereere is.
I no even know how to spell it so I eat book not read it.
It have tasty pictures.
I still hungry.
I ate sub.
It good.
It very good.
I folllow wife ’round home goods store and try not show butt to other shoppers.
I accidentally show butt in excitement over flying monkey display.
Wife beat me with stick.
We go home and I fling poo.
That um my day.

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