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unpacked a little bit, made sure phone at the fl place was turned off, and discovered that Neighborhood Health doesn’t want to extend COBRA benefits because of my move out of the tri-county area. I’ve got a call in to the department of labor to take care of things – even if worst comes to worst, I know of a decent health insurance provider I can turn to if COBRA doesn’t cut it… or if I get a gig before that, the new insurance should be even better than Neighborhood’s in any event.

After taking care of the top-o-de-month loose ends, we took a little trip to tina’s and visited her and the kitties for a bit. doug was upstairs day-trading on his laptop, so kitties won the day for attention. kiki and chai are adorable little beasties, and it’s a shame that doug is allergic (I am too, so my visit with ’em was kept to a minimum. we meant to pick up a photo CD, but forgot take it with us when we left.

from there, we journeyed to goodyear for the replacement tire and settlement, only to find it was a different speed rating (A “H” rather than a “S”) so we get to return tomorrow for pickup and install. odds are best that it’ll cost half price due to our low mileage and goodyear’s desire to keep customers happy… I’d have preferred a freebie replacement, but it beats dropping $160-175 for a new tire.

picked up a few holiday ornaments for our not yet picked out tree – rainbow of colored bulbs and strung beads, with a punch buggy vw and heart ornament for flavor. lots of model train sets on display in MD at assorted locations- makes me crave building models and painting minis just a smidgen (but not enough to warrant the purchase of paints or brushes… I know if I dove back into the hobby, I’d just collect a lot of clutter and dust… not to mention I might bore of it again swiftly). Better to build a model or three with bhk and bugah at his house here and there.

tasty dinner of cowboy beans, goldfish crackers… talked to Danny briefly on the phone, in fact I’m calling him back once I finish typing this up.

Found a few really nice prezzies here and there, both primaries and stocking stuffers. no details due to readers who may be receiving them.

I finally heard “Crabs for Christmas”! Very cute tune, and I’d been looking forward to the groove for about 4 months now.

Newt climbed on BHK’s shoulder… that tells me he’s accepted her quite strongly. I believe the move here has mellowed any harsh he may’ve had against her. Or maybe he knows santa’s watching.

That’s about it for now dear journal! time to call Dan back, and see what he’s up to for a few. Later tater!

p.s. temps in the 20s tonight, and I’m digging it… at least as long as I’m inside!


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