8666 –

went with misti, bhk and em to see buga and neil tote a balloon in the richmond christmas parade – had a great time – aside from the obvious perq of bugah, there were also tiny shriner cars, a really overweight darth vader, cowboys, balloons of odd things blowing like the hindenberg, and more sousaphones than even john phillips could ask for. Odd thing, since the giant balloons were being hoisted through downtown richmond, they had to be lowered to duck under the street lights every few blocks.

misc pictures from road trip to md (including newt in lockdown, south of the border, and electric palm trees, as well as the parade) click here.

bro still is where he is… writing him a letter tomorrow or first thing monday.

after the parade and a quick trip to target to look for some xmas lights, we visited with misti, neil & co, bfore heading to the in-laws for dinner. long day, but a solid one… on the way back, we drove through DC, and I got to eyeball the washington monument and nation’a capital from the potomac bridge. more photos from that neck of the woods soon.

with that, I’m hitting the sack. until later, dear journal.


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