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Rest in Peace, Pete. I forgive you for Everybody Loves Raymond. Young Frankenstein more than makes up for it. Geotarget

Quite a busy day today… Xmas shopping and visiting with Tina and Doug were the biggest bits. Ended the day watching Grey Gardens, which was amusing at first and then sad, and then just sort of turned into a codependent mother and daughter bickering at one another in a run-down mansion filled with cats and raccoons. I don’t think I’ll be seeing the movie about them when it’s released next year.

Oh, we also went to a comic store that will probably be a new haunt for me – green alien head. Some nice folks, and a few people that are interested in purchasing my heroclix / mage knight doubles. I picked up a few things from the heroclix dollar bin for the christmas tree… wendigo, sasquatch and some others, plus bhk and I split a booster pack of horrorclix. aside from the fact that someone nicked one of the figures and closed it back up (a dire wolf), we got some goodies in there too. A Scarecrow, zombie cop, and an exorcist priest fig that a lot of fun. No Zombie Lawyer.. but maybe I can trade for one. They do gaming there, but I’m not sure if I’m wanting to hop into that scene just yet… might be worth a drop-in visit though. They do play pirates, heroclix and such… I’d like to maybe do a Champions game sometime, just for old times sake, but I suspect the group dynamic wouldn’t cut it for me.

Also found a site for LAN parties, world of warcraft and other such stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to see a place like that… I may try to bid on building them a website.. might make some coin and meet some counterstrike teammates for when big brain is reassembled.

It’s been rather difficult to shop for the Mrs as yet, given that she and I are joined at the hip (and I like that) – it makes it tricky to buy a surprise for her. I’m going to try to hitch a ride with either Tina or Larry to do some indy shopping, otherwise, it’ll have to all be done online.

Tina was amazingly generous with the wedding present, by the way. A huge collection of light green crockery a green vacuum cleaner and a wad of dough to start us on our nuptial way.

I still have to mail Danny’s Xmas prezzie – keeping things pretty inexpensive this year, due to the no-job situation. Mostly gifting folks on BHK’s side of the family. On my end, it’s just Wilt & Momster and Danny. Everyone else is getting at best a card. (not that I usually gift a lot of folks, anyhow)

I’m way behind in reading LJ. Or really writing in it. My new life is both very hectic and domestic at the moment, and I’m loving every frickin’ minute of it. Money will be tight but manageable for the next few, while I continue to pursue a gig. Just a numbers game at this point.

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