Last day of packing before venture north… Newt seems to dig his little riding house, and we’ve got most of the supplies we need. Now it’s just a matter of sorting and storing today. BHK and I had a nice time at danny’s yesterday – I cleaned up at balderdash. Janet was pretty good at the fake out definitions, but I won with psychology and knowledge of what a howdah was.

phone is being turned off on 11/30, so if you need my number, email me or post here for it. I still need ot get a book or two from folks I lent to, and so on, but I imagine I’ll pick ’em up on my next visit down, if I don’t get them before I leave.

Bhk’s perspective on our trip north, with pictures. (originally posted in a dear friend’s private entry post, but this portion is suitable for public consumption.)

We will have a safe trip—-well as safe as we can—unfortunately–I have a bit of downer news—my husband is a zombie now. Yes the photographic evidence below shows the horrific record of how a mild mannered loving husband went from big teddy bear to brain eating zombie just by eating some bad french fries at the county fair/carnival—BEWARE!!!!

Fair Food
Buying the ill-fated fries.

Crasy Eyes
He begins to drool and his eyes cross–he is changing–AIIIIIEEEEE!

Zombie husband on a rampage at the carnival
He stalks the mid-way in search of FOOOOOOOD–(Foooood being brains brains brains!)

World's Smallest Horse
Suddenly…OH NO! He spots “The World’s Smallest Horse”!! Run tiny pony RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!

zombie husband

UH-OH TOO SLOW TINY PONY!! (Amazingly enough tiny pony brains on a plate look exactly like Funnel cake–Who knew?)

So–alas–we will have a safe trip but I will have to chain Zombie Husband to the car seat and provide him with a drool cup and regular brain feedings—other than that it should be a cinch. 😀

I’m way behind on House, Heroes, Lost and Torchwood. Is Dr Who ever coming back? Shows are downloaded, but I’m only barely into the new season for any of ’em.

I only lasted about a year in Deerfield before dashing north to Maryland. I’ll miss seeing Dan as regularly, but airfare is cheap, and I’ll have unlimited long distance. I worry that he’ll not have many other people to hang out with.


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