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Found out a few days ago that my sweetheart and I share a fondness for Joe vs the Volcano.

Any excuse for Abe Vigoda and Tom Hank’s Soul. (my first ever flickr pic)

Chief of the Waponi

Palm doodles from our journeys together – most drawn by bhk

New Image [2]
After meeting Kenny Roger’s Bro Randy with me at CSI

New Image [3]
we can have fun with anything, including alligator man, cops, the dmv, and the emergency room. love conquers all

New Image [5]
Kona’s got a new love interest!

bhk, in minimalist format

drawing my widow’s peak suddenly looks like a spider at halloweentime

New Image [6]
I’m not copping a feel while being checked for pneumonia. also, I had my pants on.

New Image [7]
She kilt me. see also this photo.

Sagebrush!what’s he doing in the doodle pack?

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