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Is it only Tuesday? It seems like it should be at least Wednesday, by the feeling in my gut.

I’ve got to remember to vote today… Governor race isn’t very promising, but other items need coverage.

Bhk made a yummy broccoli and sunflower seed pizza for dinner, but I really didn’t have a huge appetite last night. Ah, well, just means a tasty lunch today!

Registered letter came in the mail yesterday… I’m curious to see if it’s something for me, or more for my bro. I seriously suspect it’s bro, and a billing issue. (another side effect of him having no forwarding address, and my living in the same building a while back)

More flutterby action

dios de muerte due at el torito… the food was not nearly as good as celieto lindo dos, but the atmosphere was fun

This might be a superior alternative to autostitch, though maybe all the extras could be more daunting than helpful. http://hugin.sourceforge.net/

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