8659 –

lunch with Danny, hopefully rest of day packing. been busy busy recently, but after unpacking cpu in Maryland, all should be more steady and fun, entry-wise.

Newt’s going on a 16 hour roadtrip tomorrow or tues (well, 2 of 8 and 8)… we’ll see how he digs it. bhk is covering trash while I pack. Actually, I should be hopping in the shower, so we can get with Dan one more time before I depart.. lots of things this week.. his wedding anniversary, my dad’s birthday, thanksgiving, etc. It’s been a little tough dealing with the loss of my dad and bro lately, especially going through my mementos of them. Sort of disappointed the florida party never took off either, but I suppose I can have a reunion party here when I come back to the condo during off-season.

Sorry entries have been so sparse, but they’ll be back up to speed in less than a week, I suspect.

until later, dear journal!

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