8638 – The founder of our nation has a knife.

cox and combes excitedly praise the most badass of all people who have ever existed. some lyrics may not be safe for work.

some eensy-weensy thumbnails of date night on the deerfield beach pier and the whale’s rib for dindin. clicken to embiggen, o’course.

deerfieldnorth3 pierend leetsign fishingneon2 fishingneon deerfieldnorth2 lamp deerfieldnorth deerfieldsouth bhknightpier2 no bhknightpier copterflight

the last one is a helicopter that flew overhead while the shutter was open for a night photo. sort of neat. Other oddity was the weird ‘leet-speak’ meter room. trying to be elite, or was the author just really dyslexic?

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note to self, add today’s to story list – (each dot is a prior year’s).....