8629 – 11/2 – thank goodness it’s thursday.

Only two more work periods until the weekend. I know I just got back, but I can use more uninterrupted quality time with my most immediate family. we’re taking the momster out to dinner for her 59th b’day, and then coming home to catch up with ugly betty, gilmore, torchwood, house and heroes.

Newt’s really warmed to to BHK…. he was less than delighted at first, but is all about the headbutts and snuggling, now.

note to self, post palm doodles after next synch.

speaking of images, here’s a few more from last week –

Butterflies for sedef… bhk saw these, and we thought of her.

KISS coffeehouse. What an awesome way to be stupidly sold!

More fishies at ripley’s aquarium

sawnose with spooky eyes

Cat armor at Believe it or Not – I thought that Newt and Pye might need matched sets for their first meeting – *CLANG* *CLANG* “Newt, get off the fridge in that!” *SPANG*

Off ot work, but I’ll catch you later, dear journal!

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