8620 – happy landings!

We should be arriving at the Grotto today… I’m sure I’ve missed Newton terribly.. but he gets to meet bhk!

non-robot or voice posts should begin this evening or tomorrow!

1 year ago – newt sleepin’ in pic, anarchy, wheat berry salad, frito bandit, hurricane stupidity, silly flickr pic mods

2 years ago – coh badges, incredibles marketing, pauly shore in my head, jlu, Eileen Brennan movies that rock, cannibal ghost, printable masks, hotties for kerry, batstone, vlad the impaler = pron

3 years ago – making fiends, recovering from surgery, sarin trials, dreams, vamp stats, bro back to old habits, lite brite, cannibal, monster hoax, back pic, playboy centerfold blend, avp, martian hoax

4 years ago – Halloween eve poll, pokethulhu, my local voting plan, evil clown generator

5 years ago – escheat, diablerie, McDonald’s “Hispanic Menu”, fun private post,flying kitty, pleasant night, tropicon, random journals bad, cheapass games good.

6 years ago – cut gourds with Robbo, saw dingo, took nyquil for the dreaded coldGeotarget

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