8616 – First Baltimore, then points south

Wish me good luck today, dear journal. Some business before pleasure, and then off to funfunfun!

1 year ago – wilma aftermath pics, dreams, at bso

2 years ago – eckerd to early w holidays, bunky wondering, facial prosthetic dream, regional meme, strawigami, teddy bear picnic, bro junk

3 years ago – clock-synchs, Newt-soak, Shark-wrestling, Palm-cam Newt, email post,dropped a belt loop, I’m the most googlebotted on all of LJ (brought inbubbles3563)

4 years agoNewtcam, Mage Knight, Rolie poly olie, monkey!, feral camels, Dave & Cathi are mushrooms, Bro issues, NOtLD

5 years ago – SOP, Jeffersons on TV, journal poll, evil news, and she was, Goodbye mr. cooper,

6 years ago – Jack Handey, Reciprocated crush. :D, user pictures link all no one page for the first time. (now here)

5 years ago– Newt’s first trip to the vet. He weighed less than a can of soda-pop.(he gained weight fast.. added about 10% body mass a day that firstweek… He went from under 10 oz to over a 16 in about a week.)Geotarget

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