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Happy Birthday, eryx_uk!
Happy bday

Say! Speaking of the UK, My keyword auto-downloader picked up episodes one and two of torchwood! Does that mean I’ll be getting dr who episodes soon? That’ll make up for the ended season of Venture Brothers.

Got to thinking about my old superhero concept for Stigmata yesterday… then Billy Crystal / Bruno Kirby with blackhellkat… Which invited the Burger King / Burger Christ comparison via initials.

Burger Christ. What a great, blasphemous name for a fast food joint.

Many terrible biblical puns came up for foodstuffs afterward.

“The Flood” – Jumbo Drink, served with a toy ark for the kiddies.
“Pound of Flesh” burger
Gadzooks – french fries shaped like nails. (ketchup or graypumpkin‘s sacred dipping sauce on the side)
Garden of eden apple/walnut salad – you can only order it once, then you’re barred from the restaurant. bhk added the idea of a snakey crouton.

The others aren’t leaping immediately to mind.. oh! “Lot’s Wife” Salt shakers and Noah’s Animal Crackers (comes in pairs)

Just terrible.

It seems I’m not the first to think of Burger Christ.
burger christ picture

Watched Open Season yesterday, as it got a trifle too hot at Viva Broward. (I did get my Arepa, so the journey was worth it.) The movie was *a lot* more funny than I’d thought a vehicle featuring the voices of Ashton Kutchner and Martin Lawrence could be.

Walkabout pics from yesterday. Mostly construction and the Mexican place at riverwalk. (Compare Saturday’s walkies pic with Sunday’s… pretty dang similar.)

365days102206 - day 13cyclopstreeconstruction3construction2constructionsouthamericanstuff-sketchsouthamericanstuffscottovator102106 - day 12

Our tree’s face lost an eye. I like him better as a cyclops.

Sneaky guy in sunglasses found his way into my wacky statuary picture. I like it better with a friendly wave. He offered to take my picture with stuff, but I politely declined – he seemed a little off-kilter, and I didn’t want him to break or steal my camera. When he walked away, he yelled over his shoulder “We’re the people our parents warned us about!”.

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