8612 – 2 days to trip!

Happy Birthday, graypumpkin!

I didn’t get to hit ¡Viva Broward! yesterday… I ran out of time. Today, however is a new day… I think I’ll trundle down there for a midday bit of entertainment.

Got a mild interrogation from someone at the pool on the way back from grocery shopping yesterday. I was toting a double armload of groceries, heading to my place; when a guy at the pool area calls over to me.

Guy:”Hey, you!”
Me:”Hi! Can I help you?”
G:”Do you live here?”
G:”Which unit?”
(*note* – at no time did he ask my name, or say anything in a non-interrogatory style. )
M:”323D… can I help you?”
G:”No, I just wanted to know.”
(*note* – Did he think I was a hoodlum of some sort? That I was going to use packages of peanut butter crackers, deodorant, light bulbs, and a half-dozen liters of Diet Doctor Pepper to do some crazy MacGuyver evil on the complex?)
M:”Oh. What unit do you live in?”
M:”Nice place. Have a good one.”
And I walked away.
He didn’t reply.


I didn’t look shabby or anything… wearing a nice clean Hawaiian style golf shirt, short hair, clean shaved, maybe perspiring a bit, due to toting the barge.

I figure I can look him up in the condo directory later… I’ll get the lowdown from Jesus-bread lady and/or the Condo Superhero sometime today, I’m sure.

Via Jordon

What would happen if everyone on Earth suddenly vanished without a trace? Although that’s totally impossible, of course, a new article speculates on how long it would take for all traces of today’s human civilization to be reclaimed by the earth’s natural processes.

eyeslikesugar has me wanting to play work time fun.

Moment of Lyric – mp3 (Via X-entertainment’s great halloween jukebox)

In the afterlife
You could be headed for the serious strife
Now you make the scene all day
But tomorrow there’ll be hell to pay

People listen attentively
I mean about future calamity
I used to think the idea was obsolete
Until I heard the old man stamping his feet.

This is a place where eternally
Fire is applied to the body
Teeth are extruded and bones are ground
Then baked into cakes which are passed around.

Beauty, talent, fame, money, refinement
Top skill and brain
But all the things you try to hide
Will be revealed on the other side.

Now the d and the a and the m
And the n and the a
And the t and the i-o-n
Lose your face, lose your name
Then get fitted for a suit of flame

Baginski – Fallen Art – video powered by Metacafe

If not viewable, click here

Beautifully done, if disturbing. via zefrank

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