8608 – Saturday continues –

On the porch with Newt while Fatima gives the place a a scrub down… later, I meet up with the house sitter to make sure everything is good for my trip next week… basics, like where the sand and kibble are, some fundamental newt rules, and phone numbers to reach me in any time of need.

mp3 of current music. Hey, it was the spice girls earlier, too. Polka Inspired Nostalgia kick.

Just rec’d via netflix – First 3 eps of season 3 of the Shield, Barbarella, and the Skeleton Key. Skeleton Key is on reserve for Tuesday night, methinks. The other two will get watched before then.

Hey! Tomorrow is graypumpkin‘s birthday!

I think a trip to “¡Viva Broward!” is in order – I hear that there’ll be a few good musical guests, and I could go for some walkabout fun this weekend. Maybe pick up some arepas, too.

Places to take BHK in November – (just spitballing, not an actual itinerary)

The Bonnet House

Morikami Museum And Japanese Gardens

Vizcaya (and a stop off at the Planetarium and science museum, too!)


Butterfly world

Miami Metrozoo (It’s cageless, plus it has the “Scoop on Poop” – the biggest excrement exhibit in the world!)

Speaking of poop and no cages… maybe Monkey Jungle?

Sawgrass Mills Mall

Maybe the Norton? It’s been a while since I’ve been there.

Of course, bigger drives will be to the Keys (for kayaking, maybe?), or Tampa-stuff (Like the Florida Aquarium ), and St. Augustine’s goodies.

It’s fun to think like a tourist in my own region. (Plus, it’s cool to go any place that has a Ripley’s Believe it or Not. (Florida, that means Orlando, St. Aug, Panama City and the Keys) – I think St. Aug might be a good choice, given the reviewGeotarget

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