8600 – And, it’s Monday again.

Favorite line from Employee of the Month – “You’re like the drummer from REO speedwagon! Nobody knows who you are!”

scotto101406 - grainy noir - day 5
Newt and me relaxing on Saturday, vague outlines of us.

at home - day 6
Sunday afternoon after the walkabout. Feeling like a hoodlum.

Moment of Halloween Poetry – (compliments of Audium) mp3

The Haunted House by Vic Crume

Not a window was broken
And the paint wasn’t peeling
Not a porch step sagged yet there was a feeling
That beyond the door and into the hall
This was the house of no one at all
No one who breathed nor laughed nor ate
Nor said I love nor said I hate
Yet something walked along the stairs
Something that was and wasn’t there
And that is why the weeds on the path grow high
And even the moon races fearfully by
For something walks along the stairs
Something that is and isn’t there

See also good ol’ z0mbieastronaut for good audio stuffs, too.

Watched Shaolin Soceer last night – for the first time in its entirety. I’m not sure why I took so long to do so, but it’s a jim-dandy flick, and I highly recommend it to fans of silly chop-socky flicks.

Here’s the original movie trailer for the movie, “Infra-Man.” It’s six million light years beyond believability!

(found while searching youtube for “MAN OF IRON” for Danny… got this martial Arts flick instead: Original Theatrical Trailer for Chang Cheh’s 1972 follow-up to The Boxer From Shantung. This classic kung-fu gangster film stars Chen Kuan-Tai as a gambler who runs afoul with the son of a Shanghai crime boss and his mob (including Yang Sze alias “Bolo”), and is caught in the crossfire between warring gangs while courting his moll (Ching Li) and rising to power on his own before the blood-soaked finale! Presented here in widescreen ShawScope for your viewing enjoyment!

The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection – the one I use most is iTube – grab Youtube videos, then convert and import them into iTunes. Requires .Net framework and works exclusively on Windows.

McDonalds gives MP3 players infected with spyware as prizes

PDF Pad is a comprehensive online destination where you can download and print the high quality documents you need for work, school and play, free of charge or registration hassles.

I could really have used the scaled graph paper/hex map paper back when I was mr gamer.

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