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Time with Danny was pretty straightforward and fun.


  • Got together at about 10am, and shot the breeze
  • Decided to catch the 11:45 showing of “Employee of the Month” (entertaining little formula movie – dane cook and jessica simpson vehicle)
  • Grabbed a beer and a chowder at crabby jack’s
  • We were too late to pick up my suit at the store. Lame Sat. hours.
  • Went back to the condo to chat around the pond, and to talk to the iguanas
  • Went upstairs to watch Heroes ep 3. (The show’s getting better, but still too much pointless gore)
  • Dan took a nap while I played some counterstrike
  • we watched some strong bad emails
  • then headed out – he dropped me a the sushi/thai place, and he went off to dance night with the mrs.

Assorted pics from yesterday –

Danny under the big tree out back

Outtake – Dan Sneezing under the big tree out back

Danny’s got a Gun. A pink gun.

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Not riding to or from work with RS anymore. So, I have to go back to getting up about 30 minutes earlier, but it’s a good thing, because now I don’t have to worry about her making me late for work.

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