8598 – Saturday. Mostly pictures and video.

Getting together with Danny today. Mid-morning, we’ll get a bite to eat, and then goof off. Maybe play some pirates, or Axis and Allies Minis. I slept hard last night – from 11pm to just about 7am, with little a solid sea of black in between.. I don’t recall tossing, turning or dreaming at all.

Weird Advert-looking version of me for 365 days.
How I envision I’d look on an old newsprint ad for…
oh, I don’t know. Lithium? Monkey Diapers?

I think I prefer the Sleepy-time picture of Newton and me, instead.

GG with a poopy face.
She was having a pretty bum day.

Rough and rumbly morning at the bus stop – sky was like inky water.

via jwz – Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the House of Florida at the time)tried to pay him to rig election vote counts.

“And [US Representative Tom Feeney] asked you to design a program to rig an election.”


“While he was the speaker of the Florida House.”


[…] “And [Mrs. Yang] said, ‘you don’t understand, we need you to hide the fraud in the source code, not reveal it. We need to control the vote in South Florida.'”

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