8594 – these are the life-forms in my neighborhood.

Moment of Lyric – youtube

When I wake up in de mornin’ I’m still asleep.
I really don’t a want no toast.
I want no OJ, no tea, and no cereal.
It be a yogurt drink I’m wantin’ first.
Whoa, gimme YOP me mamma, smooooth,
YOP me mamma.
Gimme YOP me mamma, when de mornin’ come.
Gimme YOP me mamma.
YOP me mamma.
YOP for when de mornin’ come.

A few things that live where I work and play, and a more fronty-view pic of the haircut for those who’ve been asking.

haircut porchnewt100906 porchsqrl mold1 mold2 spider2 spider1

haircut / porch newt / porch squirrel / mold1 / mold2 / spider1 / spider2

Random pic taken of m’self in the office. I was working on paperwork, and was feeling a little beetle-browed – so I figured I’d take a peek at m’self. I’m a little rougher than usual, due to the raw nose and tired eyes.

Of course, the first critter in question likely to be photographed is Newt. He’s a cutie, and always available for pictures. His tail always seems a trifle short for a cat his size. Maybe he sees a carp in the pond.

Squirrels use the porch banister as a little bridge to run from point to point… I’m glad it’s there, because I figure they’d be climbing the screens otherwise.

Two different types of mold or algae growing at work. I wonder if that’s why so many folks have coughs?

Also at work, a little further up the evolutionary scale, spiders. One was behind the server, and the other was in the ol’ office. Both got escorted outside, and released alive. I fear that I broke one of server-spidey’s legs.

Tussionex + Walgreens Mouth-breathers+ Neighborhood Health Insurance = a real hassle to get my ‘scrip. finally picked it up last night…. I had to wrestle with the pharmacy to prove that my insurance would pay for it. 40 minutes later, I paid $28 rather than $150 for the same bottle of ‘cough syrup’ if I didn’t have any insurance. It’s a crying shame when the consumer has to do all the legwork and arm-twisting, especially when they’re not feeling so hot to begin with.

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