8592 – t-minus 16 days.

I’m really glad that it’s October.

I sort of miss the days when 7-11s and grocery stores had comics on spinner racks. I think it’d be pretty keen if they at least carried annuals… did they quit doing so because of the “library factor” of kids coming in and reading and manhandling ’em but not buying, or is it that comics cost a couple of bucks now rather than 35¢?

Somehow, it seems like a comic book shouldn’t cost more than a king-sized candy bar. (Which is what, $1.25ish now, at the convenience store?)

I’ve heard rumors that Giant still carries comics, but Publix & Winn-Dixie surely don’t anymore.

To X.0.4.
Ref. your query via Bizet record.
No. 2’s instability confirmed.
Detailed report follows.

My Lj reading list is suddenly full of women that are pregnant! (well, full in the sense of “four of them”) Congratulations to each and every one of ’em.

Watched Identity last night. Rather a tricky twist in there, but it was pretty interestingly done… I really didn’t see it coming. The journal aspect was pretty interesting.. and I wonder about how different the theatrical release is over the extended version I watched. Intuiting who the killer wasn’t too tough after that specific plot element was revealed, due to a noticeable absence after that point. I’m not too fond of the solution, but that’s just my politics about pleading insanity. Also, I’ve never liked that jiggly-eyed actor.

Matt pointed out to me that Monsters in My Pocket are back! I’ll have to see if any are banging around the local shops. The site’s out of the uk, so I’m not sure how good my odds are – the “Where to buy” section on the website says “coming soon”, but in Australia, it mentions k-mart and toys r us. Sort of like hero/horror clix without the fun bases. (warning, page is slow loading, and has sound)

I rather dig the monkey man (listed under maniacs)

Sounds like bhk and Tina had a great time in Quebec! I’m looking forward to pictures of mounties and beavers and moose and French street signs (“Rue d’ escargot” or whatnot) and the gals just havin’ fun.

I didn’t watch last night’s venture brothers.. I’m going to wait until the 2nd part of the finale airs next week.

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