8620 – happy landings!

We should be arriving at the Grotto today… I’m sure I’ve missed Newton terribly.. but he gets to meet bhk!

non-robot or voice posts should begin this evening or tomorrow!

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I am a big scaredy cat along with my travelling companion bhk. We were unable to make it through the Ripley’s museum without freaking out and running past one of the scarier exhibits. Then I almost lost my pancakes on the twirling tunnel optical illusion. Ripley’s truly exposes my weaknesses. DAMN you Ripley’s!

[edit](the above brought to you by miss bhk, and is wholly her own perspective and opinion.)

However, I do agree that we’re both a couple of chicken-hearted lily-livers.

for the original voice post that I accidentally sent as private yesterday, visit here.

end of evening last night at uno’s – yummy! (bhk’s note: He drinks soda like a fish y’all :D)

8619 – one day to return!

Convoy is heading south, rubber duck! St. Aug or bust!

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8618 – after a night’s rest

We should be cruising around SC today, soaking up the sights, and making kissy-face. I’m supposing we arrived late last night, and are hitting Ripley’s and the ripley’s aquarium today.

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8617 – Road Trip!

If all is going to plan, bhk and I are in the element, en route to Myrtle Beach, SC! Ripley’s and Aquarium, here we come!

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