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Moment of Lyric – Nelson Sings Nilsson

In 1969, Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman joined forces to record”Nilsson Sings Newman,” a gorgeous, minimalist collection of Newman songs sung by Nilsson (obviously).

In 2001, as his band, Harvey Danger, broke up, Sean Nelson became deeply enamored of “Nilsson Sings Newman,” and considered that “nelson sings Nilsson” would be a funny title for a record.

Bro woke me up last night, right as I’d hunkered in for sleep. I wished him a happy birthday, and he tried to get me to buy pizza or chinese for his whole crew at the hotel he’s staying. I declined, and suggested some other options. He’s back with Shannon, and thinks that she is probably pregnant. A bad idea, as neither he nor she is able to raise a child in their current mental, physical and financial situation. He turned 34 yesterday, and is still living moment to moment, catching a hotel room here or sleeping in his truck there.

He adds a bitter flavor to the bulk sweetness in my life right now. It figures he’d wake me up on a night that I was trying to get some extra snoozles.

Went with some work crew to outback for feed – it was yummy, as usual… pasta and a bloomin’ onion. Work was discussed only minimally, which is nice.

Heard from Vicki last night – getting together with her and some of the old gang a week from tomorrow for a little supper. Apparently, most have gone on to other non-profits: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Lung Association, Kids in Distress, and Boys & Girls Clubs. Nice to see good folks working to help make the world a better place.

Pictures found at – from ghosts, vampires, and werewolves, illustrated by laszlo kubinyi.







To make up for the scary, have a cute sad-faced kitty. (it’s not Newt, but adorable to me anyhow.)


All the episodes of different series.

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South Park
Family Guy
American Dad

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