8575 – 2 nights and 28 days to go!

First Episode of Legion of Super Heroes wasn’t too bad. Not sure how I feel about the “greatest american hero – needs training” superman. I think it’s probably ok as a kid hero thing.

Nice cameo of skeets, Booster gold and a lot of Green Lantern Races at the museum, they did a pretty sharp update.

Contrast that with “Heroes”… my jury’s still out on that one. It has potential, but needs a little more oomph, I think.

The C in CW stands for CBS and the W stands for WB – Columbia Warner? (CBS&WB) – something weird about an abbreviation of 2 abbreviations.

So, is the actor playing Luke leaving Gilmore Girls, or are they just getting really uppity with the writing?

How to crack a walnut with one hand:

  • First, place two hard-shelled walnuts in the palm of your hand.
  • Carefully line up the seams, and wrap your fingers around them.
  • With your hand slightly cupped, get a good grip – One walnut should rested against the base of the thumb, while the other one presses against the curved second and third fingers.
  • Squeeze *HARD* until the weaker one of the two walnuts gives in to the pressure.

That move *really* impresses folks… I once got a “Woo!” from John, the first time I showed it to him.

Good during the winter holidays, when there are walnuts all over the place.

I’m a little envious of folks that are in a place (MD) where they can see their breath… I’ll get to do that this weekend- airports have reduced restrictions on liquids again, which means that I can bring a drink aboard. Non-stop flights this time, so no layovers! Most Excellent!

I’m looking forward to late October walkabouts and after. Basic thoughts include the Keys, Vizcaya, and maybe assorted South Florida locales.

Citgo is owned by Venezuela, eh?

Angry with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for calling President Bush “the devil,” state Rep. Adam Hasner, R-Delray Beach, is calling on the Florida Secretary of Transportation to pull the plug on gasoline stations along the Florida Turnpike run by Venezuelan-owned Citgo.

“I am requesting that you take the necessary actions to immediately terminate our state contracts with Citgo,” Hasner said in a letter to FDOT head Denver Stutler Jr.

Hasner sent a copy to Gov. Jeb Bush, who he said has taken the request seriously.

To the secretary, Hasner wrote: “You are aware, Citgo is wholly owned by Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. We must send a clear message to Chavez, and the current government of Venezuela, that the state of Florida and are citizens will not support institutions that seek the destabilization of America and our institutions and freedoms.”

The South County rep said the incident is not just an insult to the president of the United States, but is also “a wake-up call for the need to find alternative energy sources.”

Hasner has led the effort for non-petroleum fuels. He drives a hybrid car – and has worked in the state legislature for alternative fuel laws.

In a speech this past week at the United Nations, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez at the United Nations characterized President Bush as “the devil.”

Hasner said the comment has enraged all Americans, regardless of party. The local representative also pointed out how Chavez is currying favor with the likes of U.S.-haters such as Fidel Castro.

“That is going on 90 miles off our shores – or about 150 miles from where we are right now,” said an angry Hasner.

“This is not just an attack on the president, it is an attack on who we are as Americans,” he said. “It is part of a bigger issue for Americans and Floridians. We will have to work even harder to develop alternative fuels.”

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