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I want to be Dr. Henry Killenger when I grow up. Dr. Killinger with his baby-bearing hips was keen. Anyone who has a magic murder bag, gets Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch back together, and dresses the henchmen in those nifty black uniforms is okay with me. (Not Kissenger, who is far more evil, even without a magic murder bag.) Also awesome is Brock and H.E.L.P.R. discussing Led Zep and Maya Angelou. H.E.L.P.R. is all about Rush, I suspect. Monarch’s minty-fresh entrance was very impressive, too.

Bro called at about 11:20 last night… pretty inappropriate when I get up at 5:30ish for work. It got rowdy where he was and he hung up shortly thereafter.

Bhk will be El mejor abogado, no doubt.. able to debate with me quite handily on Gilmore girls, peter frampton and the question mark extendo-drama. (Terence Trent D’arby, indeed.) I’m still laughing after the extended play foolishness of last night. A pity that bro killed the vibe right at the end. Good thoughts of future Christmas trees still yet linger, however.

Moment of Lyric – Pancakes

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San Francisco based electronic band Pants Pants Pants documented nine friends eating a stack of pancakes. The participants were not allowed to view the pancake-eating-styles of the others until they had finished their own stack. Syrup, butter and sugar were provided. “Mildly Delicious” appears on Pants Pants Pants’ 2005 release “Pop Songs To Make Us Famous.”

4:12 is closest to my pancake eating style. No knife, butter and syrup applied once, split through the stack all at once.

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