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Interesting answers to yesterday’s poll.

There are many different variations of Rock, Paper, Scissors which range from simple changes in the names of the objects to increasing the number of players or objects. While interesting, most rule variations suffer from one problem or another, making them less interesting games.Versions of this game are also observed in many different cultures. It is usually known by direct translations of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”although some cultures have slightly different names or even entirely different elements representing the different objects. For example in Japan there is a variation which uses a tiger, a chief and the chief’smother as the three elements (the tiger beating the chief’s mother, the chief beating the tiger and the chief’s mother beating the chief). In Indonesia another version is played with the elements as an elephant, a man and an ant (the elephant crushing the man, the man crushing the ant and ant humorously defeating the elephant by crawling into the animal’sear and making it go insane).[1] The Chinese, not counting Taiwanese, and Koreans use Cloth along with Rock and Scissors, while the Japanese have adopted Paper. Minor variation is also observed in the standard game play.

iTunes RSS Server is a web server software to read your iTunes Music Library.xml and publish the playlists (including Smart Playlists) as RSS 2.0 Podcast feed. It handles MP3 and AAC files as well as server media files upon byte-range requests.

It allows neat stuff like “listening to your iTunes@home from PSP remotely”.

I wonder how many people would know what an anvil looks like, if there were no warner brothers cartoons?

Cherry, Green Apple and Tangerine flavored candy corn are a crime against humanity. Well, maybe not… but they are just gross to think about.

For bhk – arnold selling yosh.

Nice Job, Mr. Clinton.

This is the first 20 minutes of Bill Clinton’s interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. In this clip, Wallace asks Clinton why he didn’t do more to capture or kill Osama bin Laden while he was in office. Clinton clearly feels like he has been set up and doesn’t hold back in telling Wallace just how he feels.

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I’d forgotten what it’s like to see a president hold his own, and give a proper verbal slap down to someone.

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