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Crashed out hard last night. One minute I was active and wakeful on the phone, the next, ZZZzzZZZ. Pretty solid sleep through the night, with the exception of a mild break (I was maybe only 1/3 awake) to take medicine and put on the CPAP for official sleeps.

Met with Newt’s catsitter this morning – She’s a nice older lady that will be coming up twice a day to say hello, give him some loving, and make sure his food, water and litter are properly tended to while I’m away. She knows not to let Newt out of the house, and that he’s a crafty little guy… I’m glad that I have this alternative, because I really didn’t want to have him boarded somewhere… I know he’s going to be bummed that I’m gone for a bit already. I’ve seen her around the complex before… she feeds the turtles and some of the ibis around the pond out back.

Apparently, there are more than a few kitties in the building, despite official rules ot the contrary. I only knew of 2 others, but I’m thinking that I’ve only scratched the surface.

Random bit – It is said that Mohammad once cut a portion of his cloak away so that he would not disturb a cat sleeping on the remaining cloth.

Hey, keen! Free wifi on Tri-rail, now. I think that’ll make for a lot of happy commuters (myself included).

Cat Head Theatre – Hamlet.

Steve Irwin How I’d Like to be Remembered – Video

Moment of lyric – (remixed mp3 at ze’s page. original)

If someone asks you to guess what they are thinking, say “elephants.” Odds are good that you’ll be right. Why is it almost always elephants?

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