8561 – Fart Knocker. Heh.

Went to the Seminole Casino on Coconut Creek as a mini-walkabout. I dropped a few bucks, trying slots, and I *really* don’t get it. I totally felt like a monkey pushing a bar to get a banana pellet…. the only trouble was, I had to feed the machine banana pellets to make it work. Poorly.

Not really on a par with the hard rock, but interesting to see the variety of machines and people doing the pushbutton thing. Retirees, doctor-types in scrubs, people smoking and eating chili dogs, all poking that spin button over and over again, putting in bills of all denominations, or the really hardcore just using some special sort of debit card.

I’ll just keep my banana pellets to myself, and cut out the pellet-stealing machine, thank you very much. My Fave machine to look at was was “Blues Brothers” themed… most were branded in some way, Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly, and Tobasco Hot Pepper sauce all had slot machines.

Poker was upstairs, and doubly smoky… I couldn’t find the high-speed bingo anywhere.

Odd that the Seminole Flag is very similar to the German Flag, but with a white bar on top. I guess there are only so many color combinations you can hit with stripes, before you have some replication going on.

Slept soundly last night, with odd dreams of being underwater.. maybe because the road trip in October might include the Georgia Aquarium, now? It’s so big that they have flippin’ whale sharks! Maybe I won’t have to wait until my last day on earth to visit a chunk of the great barrier reef, after all? A little scary… I saw Jaws 3-D, after all.

Reclusive German, reading reclusively in his grotto? Sounds right.

I'm Ludvig II, the Swan King of Bavaria!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

You are Ludwig II, the Swan King of Bavaria!

Born with the name of Otto, you became Ludwig at the request of your grandfather, King Ludwig I, because you were born on his birthday. You became Crown Prince at the tender age of 3, and soon after stole a purse from a shop on the basis that everything in Bavaria belonged to you. Tragedy struck when your pet tortoise was taken away; relatives thought the six-year-old prince was too attached to it. Your childhood was lonely and formal. Once, you were prevented from beheading your younger brother by the timely arrival of a court official. From the age of 14 you suffered from hallucinations.

Despite striking an imposing figure with your great height and good looks, your speeches were pompous to the point of incomprehensibility. You became even more of a recluse, often spending hours reading poetry in a seashell-shaped boat in your electrically-illuminated underground grotto.

You are most famous for building three fairytale castles – Linderhof, Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee – at tremendous public expense. Declared insane and confined to your bedroom by concerned (and embarrassed) subjects, you escaped on 13 June 1886, but were later found drowned with your physician in Lake Stamberg in mysterious circumstances.

A simple spectrometer can be built from a CD and a box.

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