8559 – Sucking on an applehead at 4am

So much for getting a good night’s sleep… Sometime after 8:15pm, my tech’s phone stopped working. I got my first wake-up missing kid page at 12:15am, and then this latest one out of Sarasota at 4am. I’ve got to launch an expansion at 6, so it seems that a solid 7-8 hours straight is going to be impossible until after Fatima leaves at about 11ish. Maybe I’ll try to nap on the porch while she’s working cleanup. Upside – Taking call Friday night will pay for the cleaning service on Saturday. If ECN doesn’t contact me, I’ll get the funds for working Saturday, too… but I’d rather have the day free to do my walkies or sleepies or whatever in peace.

I sort of fell asleep on autopilot… I somehow managed to take my meds, but neglected to put on my cpap before bed – sort of a poor move, because my throat is a little snore-sore now.

Re-watched Charley Varrick while doing my Friday night putter. Fun flick, and probably one of Walter Matthau’s best non-comedic roles. I like a good caper flick… I’m looking forward to showing it to my sweetie over a big bowl of popcorn on a rainy day sometime soon. On the dvd now is Key Largo. Funny How different Florida looks in the old movies… Men in shirtsleeves and ties, and baking for it, because there’s no A/C and nothing but palm fronds and gin joints… the docks look like something out of a popeye cartoon.

Morningstar vegetarian corn dogs are a *billion* times better tasting when heated in the toaster oven at 350f for 20 minutes, rather than super-nuke in the microwave for six minutes. Absolutely worth the additional 14 minute investment. (plus, you can heat a vegetable or soup in the micro while you wait, to round out the meal)

I’ve subscribed to Matt Kindt’s online strip, Superspy. It’s sort of fun to turn on the PSP and have a fresh bit of art on it to peruse.

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