8579 – Saturday Post by Robot

An auto-post while I’m off gallivanting around points north.

until pictures from the trip can be placed here, have some other photo thingies, dear journal:


Actors promoting a Japanese children’s show due to appear in Thailand next week are taken away in a police pick-up truck after posing in front of a tank in Bangkok. Thailand’s military rulers, installed in a coup last week, have banned dancers or actors using tanks as a backdrop. The actors were later released without charge.


MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Clouds of locusts have descended around the Mexican beach resort of Cancun, destroying corn crops and worrying officials in a region still recovering from the devastating fury of last year’s Hurricane Wilma.

Traveling in dark fogs, locusts are grasshoppers that have entered a swarming phase, capable of covering large distances and rapidly stripping fields of vegetation.

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