8565 – Hump-day dump-day, sat on a wall.

I’ve discovered that the bus can have so much background noise that I can’t hear my episodes of House or old time radio (Boston Blackie, or the Naked City, currently) on the ride back home. I don’t notice the excessive sound until I try to listen to something on the cell phone or ear buds.

Not to be too snarky, but I’d like next year to be “talk like a ninja day”, and for everyone to not say *anything* meme related for a day. (Myself included.)

Moment of Lyric

Some entertaining John Byrne Quotes. Some I’d never seen before.

LONDON (Reuters) – Surgeons in China who said they performed the first successful penis transplant had to remove the donated organ because of the severe psychological problems it caused to the recipient and his wife. Continue reading 8565 – Hump-day dump-day, sat on a wall.