8498 – Buddhist monks, when threatened, will form a protective circle. (Just like musk oxen!)

Ken Nordine has a website, where he regularly journals and does audio broadcast. Who knew? I was a huge fan of his voice work back in the 90s.

I can’t say as I’ve ever seen Frog eye/Goat eye contact lenses. Split, rounded pupils would have a fun freak-out value.

Do any toys use clip-in 9 volt batteries these days? It seems like almost everything is rechargeable, AAA or AA, with a few ancient or greedy things that run on C or D cells. I have always thought the little square batteries were more fun to look at and play with. I have a rechargable 9 volt for my TENS unit, but that’s about it… back in the 80s/90s, It seemed like all my walkie talkies and portable radios used 9Vs.

Apparently there are no A or B size batteries.

dragonball - man with a boid

Nothing is more fun on a lazy Saturday evening than watching a Cheesy Martial Arts Movie on the Spanish channel. I’ve been mildly wanting to see this for about a decade or so. Watching it dubbed in Spanish just made it the much more surreal.

dragonball - turtle man and crew

The amount of savings on my electircal bill from closing my shades rather than leaving them open was a whopping $2. I’ll continue through August, just to see if it was a fluke.

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