8511 – “vacation day”

About 45 minutes ago, work called and woke me up – the two machines in accounting are not talking to each other for some reason – some sort of sharing issue.

If they can’t get it to work, I may have to take the 90-minute commute all the way down there to spend two minutes reestablishing a network connection. That’d be quite annoying. We’ll see if I can walk them through it.

[edit – Ah, thank goodness. 10:49am, and I didn’t have to cruise all the way down there. back on track]

Some walkabout pictures from yesterday – Hover over the thumbnail for a title, or click to make with the bigger.

The 3-d movie yesterday was fun, as was the trip to the museum of art. Tina was nice company, too. I could eat another couple of those 3-cheese empenadas.

Last night was a delight, cooing into the wee hours of the morning with Allison until I was drifting into snoozetown. Pleasant, happy dreams followed.

Ghosts, bird flu, more giraffes, hellhounds, skulls, many stickers

Skaters at the Broward County Library. I have quite a few of these.. could make an animated icon, perhaps.

fountain geocache, RR tracks, Wrecked GPS marker by imax

Well, now that I’m officially free, I think I’ll take myself out to breakfast, and work my way to Sugar Sand Park. Have a happy one, dear journal!

Bonus – I can get to Sugar Sand via one bus from Hillsboro & Fed – 92 westbound to loggers run, once an hour at 20 past. (I’ll make it to the 12:20, no problem, but 11:20 may be over-optimistic)

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