8487 – Good Morning, Dear Journal!

Lovely talk on the phone last night, that went well into the wee hours. I simply didn’t want to hang up, but fatigue eventually drew me to snooze-ville. I woke up about an hour later and stumbled upon an interesting lj, and ended up engaged in some interesting conversation there, too.

I’m not feeling fatigued this morning, and I got my first pente defeat at the hands of bhk, trying to sink The Dreaded Pirate Greybeard’s Pente-ship Barkin’ Lotus!

newt and friend
newt and friend on the porch yesterday.

Dice Wars – very simple, but addictive. I think proximity is a lot of fun, too. It has a revered place on my pda.

I heard a great quote the other day – “True nobility is not about being better than anyone else, but being better than you used to be.”

Beautiful thought, and I’m all for it.

Video: Microsoft Vista speech recognition demo gone bad

Dear aunt, let’s set so double the killer delete select all.

The XP recognition works reasonably well for me, save for some of the more esoteric phrases.

Animated movie from 787 clip art samples. I really like it.

Mighty Illegal Wireless Hotspot Hacks – the most useful thing for me was showing how to make my laptop a hot spot. Some very interesting info that can be reapplied a few different ways, but mostly importantly, insure the validity of where you connect.

Still unsure what I’m up to today – no word on putt-putt or movies or whatnot, but I’m off to get ready for my day. Shower, Yoga and morning walkies. Until later, dear journal.

Today’s Music has no lyrics – a sample of gamelan. Flying Goldfish Flower by Christine Southworth (mp3, 7 MB)via

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