8486 – from the “south wing”

First morning of Yoga went well, though I think I prefer the evening program so far. Taking things slow and easy, but I’ll be bendy as gumby in a bit.

Newt’s already started practicing, too. I dig the time stamp, 04:44:40.

On the Porch now – Newt got pretty excited about a little black squirrel on the outside balcony, but other than that, I’m just lounging outside and soaking up the humidity and enjoying the peace and quiet. Only real sounds are the fountain burbling and an odd rumble in the distance. Newt has since calmed down

Odd to watch Kids in the Hall unbleeped. Recorded back in the day when you could say “shit” on Canadian TV, but not on the Comedy Channel.

I haven’t planned a walkabout yet, but I think maybe a little journey to points west. Possibly doing putt-putt with mental_circles, home_grown_cl, and hedache tomorrow, if they recover from the Bowling for Soup concert tonight.

Forgot to mention that I went with Danny to a little comic book store in Boca Raton on Thursday. Quarter bins have given way to dollar bins. I picked up a few 1963 comics that had fallen by the wayside a move or two ago. A shame the Annual never made it to print. I was saddened to see that the Thing Series has come to an end. graypumpkin and kat78731 brought me a two or three issues when they were last in town, and I filled up to get all eight. The store’s Comic Book Guy(tm) said it was a fan favorite, but sales just weren’t enough to keep it alive.

Looks like a few of my flickr pictures are being published in schmap’s fort lauderdale guide!

Your Wrestler Name Is…

Bloodstained Adonis

Under the Pines by Jonathan Coulton is a Sad Love song about Bigfoot and Leonard Nimoy. Poor Leonard.

Spiffy Pirate movie! – Pretty entertaining French cartoon.


When you enter a number to dial and select a voice this program will dial that number and then read the message to them. The caller ID number can be made up. I’m bookmarking it…that has some nifty potential.

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