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Joe Nishizawa: Japan’s underground photography

Is my open wireless access point an Attractive Nuisance? Some spiffy lawyer I know says very possibly!

Current music on youtube (My first introduction to them)

Tentative plans this week – Danny today, M_C on either Friday or Sunday, Saturday is Cleaning and walkabout.

Dang… does Second life have a major update for *every* time I log in?

I admire this person’s penmanship, but I really don’t mind Pompano. via

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War taking toll on Congo’s children – More than 600 die each day; sex abuse rampant

More than 600 children die every day in war-ravaged Congo, and even more are displaced, sexually abused or swept into the camps of combatant groups, a UNICEF report said Monday.

The report comes less than a week before the country’s first democratic elections in more than 40 years, which UNICEF ambassador Martin Bell said could offer some hope to the country’s child victims.

“These elections may be the opportunity of their lifetime,” said Mr. Bell, a former war correspondent.

“It is easy to be overwhelmed by what has happened,” he said. “But we owe it to the children to give them the future they deserve.”

The children are victimized by instability lingering from the wars of 1996-2002, when neighboring Rwanda’s genocide spilled over its borders and a regional battle began largely over control of Congo’s mineral resources, drawing in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Angola.

Soldiers and rebels continue to terrorize eastern Congo, forcing more than 360,000 people from their homes this year despite the presence of about 17,500 U.N. peacekeepers.

“Constant migration robs [children] of schooling, health care and the chance for a normal life,” the report says.

“And they are caught up in combat as soldiers and camp followers.”

UNICEF estimates that there are hundreds of thousands of victims of combatants using sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Very young girls are singled out for sexual crimes, the report says, because of the mistaken belief that sex with them will cure HIV and AIDS.

An estimated 1.1 million people in Congo have HIV and AIDS – a number that UNICEF says will climb as war, gang rape and community displacement continue to rack the country.

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