8472 – Ma Hunkel rocks.

I got a lovely postcard from Aieysha! Thank you!

It was a picture of the Qasr Farid Tomb, Carved from Single Large Outcrop of Rock, Madain Salah, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Set up a Wireless network over at MW’s house last night.. .I didn’t get cookies, but was given a nice check and some pizza for my troubles, so that worked out just fine. MW’s hubby is a comic book geek, and I think he was happy to be able to discuss assorted nerd-stuffs with me. He’s a nice guy, and I think he was surprised that I could identify the golden age Red Tornado pvc on his computer desk.

I saw Hal Linden on whatever the current Fran Drescher sitcom while flipping channels last night. I’m glad he still gets work, but even Barney Miller isn’t enough to lock my eyes on a “Nanny” spinoff.

I’m not a fan of the Friends TV show, but in that same flip, I heard a cute lyric sung by Lisa Kudrow –

Little tiny Tarzan,
swinging on an nose hair,
swinging with the greatest of ease…

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