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Moment of Lyric – via He’s a Whore

Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue
Lives a life from inside of her room
Hides a smile when she’s wearing a frown
Ooh, Jackie, your not so down

You like your life in a free form style
You’ll take an inch but you’d love a mile
There never seems to be quite enough
Loving around us when your loving comes

Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue
What’s a game, ooh, that you never lose
Ask a winner and you’ll probably find
Ooh, Jackie they lost you some time

Don’t try tell me that you’re not aware
Of what you’re doing and that you don’t care
You say that it’s easy, just a natural thing
Like playing music that you’ve never seen

Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue
Making wishes that never come true
Going places where you’ve never been
Ooh, Jackie, you’ve blown it again

Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue
Lives a life from inside her room
Makes you think that life is a drag
Ooh, Jackie, what fun you have had

Random Key West Vacation Things:

weezeroni and mental_circles share similar accents and voice cadence.

At tri-rail – realized that I’d shave over 2 1/2 hours travel if i take the train from Miami to Deerfield. Greyhound driver from key west to Miami was excellent, professional, helpful, polite and very competent driver. Robert Rios will be getting a letter of praise sent to his office.

The vertigo tunnel at Ripley’s is worth the price of admission.

I missed seeing tiny deer. – (see also – wikipedia) I look forward to spotting a few next time.

I couldn’t get Ripley’s-specific postcards for Pye, but I think he and his mommy’ll like the ones I sent.

I saw maybe three dozen derelict boats between Marathon an Key West… and I think that’s pretty keen.

From the Tri-Rail Miami Airport Station on to Deerfield. Primarily Railroads, Graffiti, and Urban Decay.

Feel free to view them as a slideshow.

urbandecay-trirail4 urbandecay-trirail3 urbandecay-trirail2 urbandecay-trirail railyard powerlines2 powerlines maimijailai-boat graffiti-trirail29 graffiti-trirail28 graffiti-trirail27 graffiti-trirail26 graffiti-trirail25 graffiti-trirail24 graffiti-trirail23 graffiti-trirail22 graffiti-trirail21 graffiti-trirail20 graffiti-trirail19 graffiti-trirail18 graffiti-trirail17 graffiti-trirail16 graffiti-trirail15 graffiti-trirail14 graffiti-trirail13 graffiti-trirail12 graffiti-trirail11 graffiti-trirail10 graffiti-trirail9 graffiti-trirail8 graffiti-trirail7 graffiti-trirail6 graffiti-trirail5 graffiti-trirail4 graffiti-trirail3 graffiti-trirail2 graffiti-trirail endoftrirail2 endoftrirail doomdome construction2 construction canalbridge4 canalbridge3 canalbridge2 canalbridge boatyard urbandecay-trirail7 urbandecay-trirail6 urbandecay-trirail5

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