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On my way to work yesterday morning, I discovered that a person walking on the courtyard path (me) can easily see into the third-story condos just by looking up, with head level. I also learned that at least one of my elderly neighbors watches tv at 6:20am without a shirt and probably pants – with the shades open. I continued my journey to the bus stop, determined not to keep my gaze earthbound the rest of he way, despite the perils early on.

Gray Day – No Sky or Sun

A monochrome twilight followed shortly after, no absolute black or white, but a nice variety of the range between grew more visible as the sun lifted past the horizon.(I assume, for the direct light lay blocked by thick mats of sky cotton.) More than a few squadrons of birds were in the air, one of which seemed to be missing two members. Rather than a symmetrical V-formation, they were cruising as a giant “check mark” – five birds, three in diagonal line to the right and rear of the lead bird, and just one to the left rear. Either two birds were missing, or one of the guys on the right didn’t like lefty’s breath or missed his takeoff cue.

Villager Riot Supply

Plainclothes security gave me a minor chastisement over taking pictures in k-mart. He questioned what was up, and Dan explained to him that I’m just a hobbyist who likes to take pictures of things. (this case, gardening equipment that struck me as “villager armory, in case of Frankenstein”. I got similar low-end flak from security at tri-rail last weekend. (not that he stopped me from taking some in a more covert style)

K-mart guy seemed to be interested in just enforcing the rules, while Wackenhut-boy was a bit more spazzy-zealous in his endeavors. I was much more likely to obey k-man, as a result. rattle a baton at me and it just makes me more resistant.

Additional pictures from time out with Danny and goofing with Newt under the lamp.

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